Welcome to the home of Scott A. Hanno.  I live in Sterling, VA and this is my personal space on the web.  If you’d like to read more about where I live you can read about it on Wikipedia,  but if not it’s an unincorporated Washington, D.C. suburb in Loudoun County, Virginia. It is located northwest of Herndon, east of Ashburn, and west of Great Falls, and includes part of Dulles International Airport and the former AOL corporate headquarters. Sterling is also home to the National Weather Service building for the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area.  I live about five miles north of the Dulles International Airport and about 35 minutes outside of downtown DC.

My home is in a subdivision called CountrySide – a community on the Potomac and my house is probably a quarter mile from the river.  And the name fits it well as it is like living in the country, I live on a cul-de-sac and we have no traffic in our neighborhood.  There is also an old farm house located behind us that is not part of our community but is just steps from my backyard, and back there is a pond, an airfield, old barns and a chicken coup.  I can hear the roosters crowing every morning if I care to.

I went to college at Paul Smiths College in the northern Adirondacks for Hotel and Restaurant Management after growing up working in the restaurant business and thought that that was the direction that my life was headed at the time.  But I spent my first summer out of college working at Glacier National Park as a Switchboard Operator at the Front Desk of the Lake McDonald Lodge and that changed my life, so I gave up the grease and went into the paper and hotel business.  And that is kind of funny remembering that first job at a hotel – the switchboard was actually a switchboard with all of the cord and the holes and you actually “connected” the calls by plugging the wire in to the right hole on the board.  Dang, just think how much has changed since then!  I’m pretty sure that most of the people that I went to school with aren’t actually even in the hotel business days but I’ve stuck with it since the beginning and it has been good to me.

I have traveled around the country a lot since I started my career in the hotel industry which has been very interesting …… I started at the Marriott in Syracuse, then went to the Casa Marina Resort in Key West, then to the Cincinnati Marriott, then the Orlando Marriott International Drive, then the Westin Bonaventure in downtown Los Angeles, then the Interstate Hotels Corporate offices in Pittsburgh, then to the Andover Marriott, then back to the Orlando Airport Marriott and then wound up here in PCB (of all places!) at Marriott’s Bay Point Resort.  I lived in Panama City Beach for about six years until moving to Northern Virginia back in December 2005 and it was definitely not the best timing to be moving north from Florida.  But at least we don’t really see any snow, maybe one or two days a year which is just enough to suit me, it’s more the ice that you’ve got to watch out for that gets really bad.

I’ve had this site for a little over seven years now and use it mostly for the links but I post new stuff on occasion so check back when you can.  I’ll try and update it more often as I have something to update and who knows, someday you might even find something of interest.  I usually end up updating my Blog the most, usually at least once a week and you can read more about me by visiting there.  In the meantime, if you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to send me a note by clicking here.  Thanks again for visiting www.scotthanno.com, and thank you for your time!